Women's Gift Guide

 Women's Gift Guide

My husband and I usually get each other 2 or 3 gifts each year.  I do enjoy being completely surprised.. so I make him a little list to pick from!


Here are a few ideas for YOU + 

the women in your life.  




1. My brandblack sneakers are my second most used sneaker. They go with every outfit

and quite simply are the comfiest shoe I now own. I was recently told while out in these shoes that they 

looked as if I was channeling the late Princess Di when I wear these shoes and THAT is the highest compliment one can every receive.


Brandblack Aura 130 Sneakers in white image 1



I am asked almost weekly if I could only invest in certain Jenni Kayne pieces...what would they be?


2. The first is the "Cotton Cocoon". I sling this over my shoulders in my summer dress out in the Garden and wrap it over me at night. It makes every look effortless and has already surpassed  its worth in price due to how often I wear it. I've found SO MUCH JOY in investing in a few really well made pieces that over the years will save me far far more than a $15 Old Navy one every few months.  


3. The second is this Everyday Sweater. It is their most basic one and a great beginner piece. I have it in Taupe and Charcoal!

  Everyday SweaterEveryday SweaterEveryday Sweater

4. MUST HAVE MULE - - the tippy top of my "must have 2021 list". They dress up every formal outfit. can be worn at 8am

Mcdonalds sweat pant drive thru carpool uniform and are so stunning and versatile. 

They get better with each and every wear and put each outfit "together".


code: ihonestlyloved15 saves 15% in stores + online



5. MAMA Necklace - - I saw an incredibly pricey version of this necklace once in vogue magazine and was SMITTEN.. I set out to find an amazing look alike whose gold looks equally impressive and am so happy with the results of this one! Perfect for any mother or mother in law.


6. Sateen Silk Sheets - - if you want a perfect gift absolutely no matter the recipient it is these  luxurious. sateen. silky smooth. bed sheets. They are Angelina + Brad's favorite FOR GOOD REASON - - grab them before they're GONE like last year.


My discount is the highest its been in years: IHONESTLYLOVED saves 35%


7.  Spongeware Bowl - - This bowl was on a countertop near me recently and it simply took my breath away. Could be so beautiful gifted with an assortment of holiday treats or fresh oranges and cranberries inside. I have already bought one for myself as well!


 8. At Home Coffee Book - - the perfect gift for anyone and perhaps the most deserving of being on this gift guide is this BRAND NEW Jenni Kayne Coffee Book. Just released this month! I have purchased a few\friends for this holiday season to wrap up with a favorite recipe card or bundle of flowers.

the perfect holiday hostess gift. 
Pair this beautiful coffee table + actual cookbook with the gift above all wrapped up!

9. My EVERYDAY earring - - as of recent. I sleep in them + shower with them + and they make me feel 

put together always. So dainty and simple.


 10. Pasta Countertop Maker - - my Mother is the biggest shopper in our family. She has simply everything she needs. I wanted to find her something that I KNOW she doesnt have that anyone who likes to host or cook or learn new things would LOVE to have and its this countertop PASTA maker. I used one in an Italian Cooking Class my husband and I took on our anniversary and it was so simple and affordable!

11. Pasta Cookbook - - pair with this beautiful coffee table // cook book!



12. Instax Camera - - I have fallen in LOVE with film photography. I am still heavily researching which camera I do want to eventually invest in but until then THIS beginner point and shoot has been with me at all times. My son loves the immediacy of seeing the photos print right out and its just beautiful.


 13. Heirloom Watch - - why does this seem like something my granddaughters will fight over? Because they will one day. This watch appeared on a Pinterest Ad to me and has been saved for Christmas for me since June. My. Oh. My. all of the heart eyes. 



14. this BEAUTIFUL boog bag - - my mother has been begging me for.






15. This beautiful serving tray - - filled with their favorite things.

everything from this shop is just a dream

16. At the TIPPY TOP of my wishlist - - is this Dyson Limited Edition Bundle

simply put if you've used one you understand that price and its worth. 

protects your hair. adds incredible amounts of volume. unmatched



17. 3 Foot Charcuterie Board - - every friend I know and person who follows me who owns and have purchased one of these boards from me.. is simply obsessed. The variety of uses are endless. 


Charcuterie. Smores. Taco Night. Build your Breakfast Bar - - you name it these boards get used weekly at my home!


these are the most unique + well built + affordable boards out there. 

It has been such a pleasure to see so many cooks + hostess + home accounts I love also find and fall in move with this small company + their product.