hospital bag


As an eager first time mom I:






about a million times out of 
anticipation and excitement.

no like seriously it was embarrassing and pathetic my bags PACKED
and loaded in the car just 
IN CASE at like week 14.

I had 9mo. to vet every recommendation 
given to me, read every amazon review, poll every follower, scour every blog

and ensure that I was ABSOLUTELY ready for baby boy.

Keep in mind between being an over planner //someone who is VERY PARTICULAR in my choices when it comes to baby plus the amounts of free time I have living away from family and friends here in WA.

these list(s) are bulletproof.

I could write a book on babies. 

especially chubby babies..

|| here we go ||

I fell in LOVE with Fawn Designs Diaper Bags years ago as a school bag and then fell IN LOVE again using them for a diaper bag and 
now I am head over heels for their new weekender bag after having had august.

I am what we call an over packer. I could be having a sleepover at my own mother's house and pack as if I were moving to Barbados. 

This bag is THE perfect size for August. We recently moved to Seattle and investing in this high quality and BEAUTIFUL bag was once again a lifesaver for me for his travel bag and will continue to be for when we travel home in the months to come. 

This bag has continued to hold up and look beautiful!  It has so many pockets and different ways to carry it. I’ll never travel without it. 

6 short sleeve
6 long sleeve

milk spills. hospital room temperature. 
baby boy pee you need sooo many onesies.

I was thrilled I semi over packed with 
these and didn't run out. 

I have THE world's most sensitive skin so I knew full well to expect that my son would too and I WAS RIGHT. Every other brand I noticed
his skin would be a little irritated and they felt like scratch paper after I washed them until I tried GERBER ORGANIC. 

My second favorite is Burt's Bees!

Brands Tried and Tested:

Cloud Island
Old Navy

not only have I SCREAMED this one at EVERY single expectant mother whose asked what I have loved these last three months but found myself explaining it to every nurse who helped//asked me where my dress was from 

both in the hospital and 
at checkup appointments.  

What NO ONE told me is that my baby would not be  the only one in a diaper after delivery. 

With visitors in and out every hour 
I needed something I could:

slip on quickly
was breastfeeding friendly
easy for skin to skin

My baby slides right into this dress for skin to skin and it buttons up right over him and we both are warm in a little cocoon and covered.

I've absolutely LIVED in this dress
 these last 3 month. 

They are like silk and
worth every single penny

4. Burp Cloths (4)

As previously mentioned on my 
baby registry "must have list"

CLOTH DIAPERS have been 
my absolute favorite. 

They absorb so so much more than tiny thin burp cloths and are a lot longer so they don't
slip off your shoulder. 

What NO ONE tells you is when you breast feed on one side your other side also tries to feed and leak??? 
(ill talk about another product I love for this reason too soon) 

BUT something I came to find//invent is it's nice to sleepwith this in your bra folded hot dog style.. 
specially those nights your milk is coming in &&wimpy breast pads don't hold up! 
Breast Pads seriously get SOAKED 
I could like ring the milk out of them and my sheets the next morning. 
With these burp cloths I just folded these up and tucked into my bra 
like a wrap across my chest and it helped so much and was so soft 
it didn't disrupt my sleep in the slightest.

I put 4 for HOSPITAL but I would buy way more
just to have at home and stashed in your car and diaper bag.

THE number one most received gift for me was baby blankets. I have enough for every child in our primary at church and I live in Holladay, UT so that is well over 200.  

My favorite blanket I received is this Gray Saranoni Blanket

I have an adult sized one on Alex and my bed and it's both of our favorite home item so it was a no-brainer
 August would need his own. 

e v e r y t h i n g 

from Saranoni is a dream come true and this Bamboni blanket is a fun new design//texture and sure enough our baby love loves it. 

keeps him warm but doesn't make him too hot

6. Baby Swaddle (2)

I LOVE my swaddles from both

Goosebumps Shop


Dwell and Slumber

my baby seriously won't get comfy if its not 
one of these two swaddles!

Dwell and Slumber has colors that MATCH mamas dresses too as a cute added bonus

7. Pacifier (3)

The BEST advice I was given once I decided to give my baby a pacifier was to give him a few options to see which he liked!


"my baby never took one" and 
that's simply nottrue!

they must've just had the wrong one

we tried:

Advent Soothies
Pop pacifer

his absolute favorite was:



side note: did you know that they are now suggesting that pacifiers are 
linked to helping avoid SIDS? 

For those who asked:
I introduced a binky right away and baby 
had no problems breast feeding!

I introduced it immediately because I knew so many mom's that waited and by that time 
they found baby would not take it!

I NEVER SAW a pacifier clip I loved. 

the wooden beads
the braided leather

I hated all of the. so spooky

but I knew that I would lose his binky as often as I lose my car keys which is about 6x a day

I found this cute shop and get complimented on the two clips I custom ordered everywhere I go!

one says: august
and the other: baby baker

9. Nightwear for Baby

At the hospital I delivered at they so GENEROUSLY take the baby at night
 to the nursery so mama can sleep. 

bless them
(side note i had anxiety all night about this for many reason)

main one being I watched handmaids tale

under his eye. 

They do however bring baby in to 
you every few hours to eat!

For this reason I LOOOVED my baby nightgowns and zipper wear I found. 

Between night feeding and the obscene 
amount of tests and heel pricks that
happen every 15 minutes it was so nice 
not having to wake baby by completely undressing him so they could draw blood,
 take his temp, check his breathing etc., 

Mebie Baby Gown

Eleanor Zipper Onesie

These zipper onesies are nothing short of GENIUS!
Middle of the night when baby learns 
he loves to wiggle snaps and buttons 
become your worst enemy. 

10. "cute" outfits (3)

I would recommend only bringing 3
I brought 3xx that and so many went unworn

I did end up using 5 but only because 
we stayed two extra days in the hospital 

these are ouftits for photo shoots//visitors etc.,

11. Baby Socks  (3 pairs)

NO SOCKS stood a chance 
staying on our wiggly baby.

he's a busy boy.

He kicked off his other socks within 
moments and these were not only 
THE cutest socks but stay ON

I still use the fuzzy GERBER socks for his HANDS
because those cute little mittens people buy
were p.o.i.n.t.l.e.s.s and off within moment

12. Baby Dirty Clothes Bag

I picked a little cutie up at the DOLLAR STORE
and it was perfect for throwing in those little onesiesand dirty items he had. 

I now use it at home to wash his 
mini things like socks and breast pads 
so they don't get lost in the wash. 

For the first few days in the hospital they gave me that BEAUTIFUL XXXL size of a mattress pad and mesh thing and I HATED life.

Every time I sat or laid down I had to 
readjust and felt soooo bulky
 and unbelievably uncomfortable. 

I did some late night googling and sent my husband to TARGET to pick these up and I can honestly say they changed my entire
hospital stay///recovery here at home. 

I wore these until the bleeding stopped and could even wear jeans with them 

and not feel... 
well like I was in a diaper.

 I honestly
preferred them to a pad because 
it felt like I was held together which 
my squishy post baby tummy appreciated.




My husband LOVES his from amazon 
but I love my XL native union charger.

We were thrilled we both purchased 
and brought XL charger because sure
enough the outlet was 4.6 miles away 
from my hospital bed and visitors who
brought normal ones had to 
charge//rest them on the floor.

but not me.

15. Robe 

Again, Nurses come in all night. 
I didn't always want to sleep in my D&S dress because 
I wanted to wear it the next day during visiting hours! 

My sister Eliza gifted me this and its my favorite gift I received in the hospital

THAT and a Thirst gift card. 

This robe also covers your undies nicely for when the nurse has to escort you to the bathroom so you don't become tooooo close of friends 

and it is SOOOO COMFY! 

I ordered way more when I got home. 

16. Nursing Bra 

As mentioned in my edited
 "ultimate baby registry" post
these are my must have and what I wear daily


17. Nipple Cream

Use this not only to HEAL 
but for preventative use as well
 this was the best tip someone gave me!

Again, My Saranoni blanket is something my baby and I LOVE. It's comfortable 
and heavy but doesn't make you hot.

 If that makes sense.

They are SO SOFT and just make 
snuggling THAT much better. 

There no changing table in hospital so I would change him on the bed  and he peed lots and I had to change my sheets (nurse had to) twice 
so bring this little changing mat! 
You just do it on your lap!

20. Bellefit Corset

I bought a corset from Bellefit! 

I am including this just in case you are interested. 

It's worth it to me! 

I wouldn't feel ready to wear it till week 2 maybe? 

But worth purchasing so I thought I'd tell you!

UNTIL that 2 week mark arrives AND//OR 

if you don't want to pay for a corset 

ASK the nurses for a belly wrap! 
They have on hand nifty little Velcro ones! 

They have them set aside especially for C-section mamas. It just helps hold you together so you don't feel so wobbly and sore! 

21. Haaka Breast Pump

Ill do a whole post on breastfeeding eventually because 

1. still figuring it out
2. its been a TRIP

THE greatest find for 

breastfeeding mamas is this hand pump!

this is PERFECT for:
- when you're feeding one side and your milk lets down and you need
something to catch the other side with
- if you're out in public away from your pump and need relief
- pumping in bed at night if you don't want to turn yours on
it suctions on and either sits there and gathers milk or you 
can actually pump by hand by squeezing and releasing 

other items not brand specific:
- towels (theirs are scratchy)
- toothbrushes
- toothbrush holder
- slippers
 - shampoo & conditioner
- dry shampoo
- makeup
- makeup mirror
- lotion
- wallet
- pony tails
- computer // charger
- pillow (BYOP I am so glad I did)
- sheets for your husband.. (theirs are awful)
- chap stick
- gum
- baby car seat
- going home outfit for baby
- going home outfit for mom
- snacks.. TRUST ME
- laundry basket to transport all your non clothing items
this can be used as a dirty hamper between coming and going!


- gifts for nurses 
((I had a little basket with chap stick
 for them and treats))
but. Alex left it in the car and we didn't realize it until the car ride home.



your own diapers
your own wipes

and perhaps THE best advice I can offer ANY mom on her way to the hospital is


We had the worlds cutest nurse in the world
 who gave us that advice. Every night 
have your husband empty out the baby bassinet//drawers and take
all of the wipes and diapers and 
SIMILAF to the car and hospital blankets! 

We took home enough of all the above to last us this entire month and STILL haven't run out

let me know what you think and congrats
to all of you soon to be mamas! and for all
you mamas hoping and praying for a babe I see you 
and am so mindful and hopeful for you. 

xo. B




list in it's entirety:

- Fawn Design Weekender Bag
- Gerber Onesies (6)
- Dwell and Slumber dress
- burp cloths (4)
- Saranoni Baby Blanket
- baby swaddles (2)
- pacifier (3)
- pacifier clip (1)
- nightwear for baby (2)
- cute outfits (3)
- baby socks (3)
- baby dirty clothes bag
- pack of always discreet underwear
- XL phone cable
- robe
- nursing bra(s)
- nipple cream
- blanket for you
- Gathre changing mat
- corset or wrap
- haaka breast pump
- towels (theirs are scratchy)
- toothbrushes
- toothbrush holder
- slippers
 - shampoo & conditioner
- dry shampoo
- makeup
- makeup mirror
- lotion
- wallet
- pony tails
- computer // charger
- pillow (BYOP I am so glad I did)
- sheets for your husband.. (theirs are awful)
- chap stick
- gum
- baby car seat
- going home outfit for baby
- going home outfit for mom
- snacks.. TRUST ME
- laundry basket to transport all your non clothing items
this can be used as a dirty hamper between coming and going!
- gift for nurses