my ultimate baby registry


my ultimate baby registry

it is with great pride and joy 
that I share my research
and findings. 

have spent FAR more time and effort into
this post and registry than I did my entire college
undergrad and I WISH I was joking. 

C's get degrees
that was my motto

I. There are 3 things Alex and I spoke about that we agreed we would spare NO expense on if it meant they were THE safest option for our baby.

1. Carseat
2. Crib//Mattress
3. Baby Monitor

The Nuna was our #1 find and pick. Before you ask "doesnt lighter mean less safe?" GOOD QUESTION, the answer is no. The Nuna comes with a steel base leg that eliminates any push back in the case of an accident by 90% and reduces the risk of head injury by 33%. The Nuna likewise has options for Fabric in a Merino Wool that helps keep your baby cool if the weather is hot and warm if the weather is cold. Its beautiful!

Bugaboo Double Stroller

As a mom who definitely wants my family to GROW a convertible stroller was important to me. The Bugaboo is amazing in that when you convert the stroller to a DOUBLE the only option is elongating the stroller. This to me feels like I am pushing a boat its so long and hard to maneuver.

I have chosen to buy the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller when the time comes for TWO. It expands WIDER rather than longer and believe it or not the Bugaboo with BOTH seats attached isn't much wider than the Uppa! It fits through all doorways and something I love is you can have both babies facing you, one each way or both away from you.

Our Carseat Pick: The Nuna Mixx2

One of the most helpful bits of parenting advice when it came to gear shopping came from a BEYOND helpful Nordstroms employee who told us:

1. Since you are unsure when you will have a second why buy a double? Not only will it get dirty and ruined but a newer option will be out and youll wish you just waited for a double so you can have the new item!

2. Not only do stubborn little toddlers not enjoy strollers more often than not if the space between two kids is significant enough that toddler may not even be allowed to ride anymore for optimal performance.

UppaBaby Vista

The Bugaboo is definitely a luxury car seat. One I equally love at nearly half the price is this Vista! A favorite among nearly all of my friend and family

Slumber Pod

Where do I even begin wit this must have baby item?
Naps and sleeping while traveling have been forever changed. This groundbreaking baby product helps eliminate light and sound. Every new mom who owns one of these agrees, it is a LIFESAVER. Use code: HONESTLYLOVED for 20% off

I am a firm believer that if you have spent a decent amount of money to purchase a nice stroller, you should likewise spend a descent amount of money protecting it. I cannot tell you how hard I tried to avoid paying more than $30 for a travel bag. Well, actually I can. I have spent now $90 on 3 different bags that all came back SHREDDED! I am very upset I didn't just purchase this from the beginning. My very first trip with this bag it brought my stroller, and itself back in PERFECT condition.

While I do have a favorite travel stroller
I will share in a moment. THIS carseat//stroller
hybrid is a must for moms who either travel lots
or do not own a car//live in the city!

This carseat with the click of an automatic button folds out into a luxury stroller. The price is incredible too! So if you hop from cab to cab or don't want to continue to lug a carseat AND a stroller through the airport each time you travel - - the Doona is for you! 


Worth the SPLURGE

Yes.. yes you can buy a $20 travel stroller. But not only it is not functional for you it wont be comfortable for you baby. This EXTREMELY light travel stroller has become my favorite purchase, perhaps more than even our Nuna stroller! It fits in the overhead compartment of the airplane, can have a carseat attached to it and comes with so many amazing attachments like ride on seats for the older sibling, rain shield, umbrella, warm blanket and more!

Portable Sound Machine

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE ITEMS that nearly every pregnant person or mom has on their MUST HAVE list! That same sound that calms them in their nursery can now be in your car too. Making road trips or errands out to Swig and Target aloooot less chaotic for you both of you.

Go ahead and buy one for you, your mother, your mailman. Whoever may be watching the kid really quickly why you catch a nap. The familiarity of the sound he sleeps to at night helps put any baby down when you're on the GO!

I own 5 of these beauties. 

A Placemat for his food

Wipeable vegan leather with beautiful 

Something new and really fun that actually saved me those first few weeks was this Bottle Box. As much as you want your child to like the cute bottle you bought him, he won't. And trust me when I say at 3am the last thing you should worry about doing is sending your spouse to Walmart to buy a new one to try. This one time buy box comes with the most popular bottles on the market so you can TRY THEM ALL with your baby! Find the one they LOVE!

Thankful for the genius at babylist who thought this little box out. Perfect gift for a mom to be!

Aside from how cute babies thighs look in this little FLOOR seat (yes floor, please don't this put on your counter..) this Bumbo is a must to keep a wiggly baby still while you play//feed them. 

Burp Cloths

Go ahead and throw away the cute thin burpcloths you received as a gift. Using Cloth Diapers as burp cloths is a lifesaver. They are THICK and absorb so so much. Afterall, they are used to absorb much much more. 

Boon Grass Drying Rack

Perfect counterstop solution for drying bottles and binkies.
It has options to be purchased with multiple attachments both for your counter and washing machine. It's a simply little buy but one we rely on greatly.

BEABA Spoons

Easy to grip for little fingers

Soft for their small teeth

Easy to Clean


Asunflower High Chair   I spent a LONG WHILE looking for a high chair.  Afterall, it something that is on display front and center for years beyond just those baby years. I required it to be easy to clean, affordable, cute and one that grows with him!   Simply move the foot bar down or even remove the tray when your child reaches a certain age but still wants to sit up high. I am so happy this was referred this to me.

I spent a LONG WHILE looking for a high chair.
Afterall, it something that is on display front and center for years beyond just those baby years. I required it to be easy to clean, affordable, cute and one that grows with him!

Simply move the foot bar down or even remove the tray when your child reaches a certain age but still wants to sit up high. I am so happy this was referred this to me. 

SAVE your back and your knees when your baby is a newborn and buy a Pug Tub. These soft fold-able tubs fit in your sink and keep your baby so comfy! 

I considered buying the sink bath that I am sure you've all seen that is shaped like a flower but read a lot of reviews that the can mold easily if you don't dry them right (especially if you live near a coast like we do).

Toddler Bath

Angelcare is THE #1 recommended bath from everyone I've spoken to. The back allows water to flow through and keep the baby warm. The makeup of this bath has a really grip(py) is that a word? backboard so your baby wont slip and slide while you're bathing them!

AND it helps ensure it dries a lot quicker without letting water sit in all the wrong places and get moldy with a small hook on the back to hang up on a hook in your bathroom or shower.

Shark Robe

I don't really need a reason for this one, other than the fact that every baby looks significantly cuter in a shark robe. Its science

Kneeling and Arm Bath Pad

I have few things I stress GREATLY
for new moms as in must must have items and this is one of them! These super soft cushions make baths, storing toys and brushes etc., A BREEZE

Ubbi Diaper Pail

If there's a baby within a 50 mile radius I've either babysat it or am an aunt to it. SO with that said I have been in EVERY nursery and smelt every smell. When I HAVEN'T smelt a smell its been because they were using an UBBI. I've seen all the other brands and within moments of stepping on that pedal or opening the handle I am on the floor passed out because the smell is so bad! Ubbi is the only one that contains it and doesn't knock you over when you open it up to add more.

Wipe Warmer

We used this everyday in the winter, it may not be necessary for Summer months but most definitely EVERY season for a fresh fresh newborn who hates having their diaper changed. 

This is strictly personal style and you really can't go wrong with a crib (well you can and I will get there). We chose a restoration hardware crib the Jameson and are in love with it. The model of the Jameson we got is an older model so it was a bit cheaper. If I didn't choose this one I would've chosen this BEAUTY!

WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE the most important thing when it comes to cribs is making sure you buy 1. buy new 2. make sure the mattress to fit EXACTLY. In other words if where you bought your crib has the option to likewise buy the mattress- do it! It greatly reduces SIDS

After honestly MONTHS of research we found this crossed EVERY box we wanted and had hardly ANY bad reviews. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

 It is safe, organic, sturdy, comfy, built well, perfect pressure for baby and reasonable. 

The makeup of this mattress reduces SIDS and dust mites. You can see LAYERS DEEP through the mesh. 
I feel so so confident with this purchase. I love it. 

ahh the biggest debate of all time TRULY has been Snuggle Me Organic or Dock A Tot?

I am talking bigger than Pepsi or Coke for me. As big of a no brainer diet coke is for me as is the Snuggle Me Organic. Again, not because I am a mom and have used it yet but truly ask EVERY person I know who posts about theirs or has one.

Every blog, mommy group and friend of mine has asked this question and the result time and time again was ALWAYS SNUGGLE ME. This is coming from people that have tried them BOTH!

Reasons why everyone LOVES Snuggle Me is because of their organic materials, covers and are so much more comfortable for your baby and truly do SNUGGLE IT rather than just create a barricade around it.

Hatch Baby Night Light

Is there anything worse than sneaking into your babies room after it's asleep to turn off the sound machine?

There's not much worse.

This sound machine is controlled by your phone so you can adjust volume, sounds, and colors all from a room away! 


I know this is a big controversy and believe me I am a big believer and live by "to each their own". But for me co-sleeping is a big NO NO so a bassinet nearby for those first few months was a MUST.

I personally am choosing to have our baby in with us for at least the first six months (though studies are showing that its safest and most beneficial for it to be the first YEAR of their life).

So investing in a GOOD bassinet is worth it if you divide the cost into months and realize your sanity//safety by just pulling the trigger.

EVERY FRIDA PRODUCT you'll ever need in a kit. simple. IDK  Frida but every mother I meet really wants to hug her and meet her. This company is phenomenal and creates medical grade products for a Target price point.

The nail clippers alone are a must have!

Owlet Smart Sock

These haven't been getting THE best press as of late. One of my friends also said that hers gave her MORE anxiety having to have to worry if it was ON or not.

To that I say one of two things.

1. I'd rather worry its NOT working than having NOTHING in there with my baby and risking that.

2. I believe Owlet has made great efforts to fix the problems their earlier models had and trust them 100%.

I've seen far more success stories than scary ones when it comes to a smart sock! It's been a favorite baby item of ours. I truly sleep better.

Magic Merlin Sleepsuit

is just that!

MAGIC! This lightly weighted sleepsuit
puts just enough pressure on your sleeping babe
so they feel comforted and still.

If you worry it may be too heavy - - don't!

It can be crawled and rolled around in easily.

Kyte Sleep Suit

For your growing little ones consider the KYTE sleep suit! It comes in a variety of thicknesses dependent on climate of where you are or what time of year it is.

The material is SO SOFT and luxurious you'd think it were worth hundreds.

Before I get to Baby Monitor let me explain why this is so important to me:

For us there were a few things we absolutely wanted out of our baby camera. 

We wanted to be able to:

1. Not have to rely on a small screen that came in a combo pack with the camera like the Motorola ones you see at target. For a few reasons, first you are married to its plug and small cord for charging it. Second, the quality of the picture is so blurry you cant tell if you're looking at a baby or a sleeping potato and most importantly..

I am a LIIIIIIIGHT sleeper and having to keep a glowing monitor on all night that makes that whooshing ocean noise would just KEEP. ME. UP. Every time I babysit kids I am glued to that monitor all night jumping out of my skin every time the baby coughs or makes a small noise. If I want to remain sane I needed another options. 

2. We wanted to be able to have the footage sent to multiple devices. Google Home Hub, iPad, and both our cell phones when we are home AND out of the house!

3. Like I mentioned earlier I am a LIGHT sleeper and a worrier so I wanted a camera that would not only only alert me when I absolutely NEEDED to be alerted but one that I could rely on that would ACTUALLY do that.

Miku Smart Monitor

This camera is $399 but WORTH EVERY DIME.

This camera has military grade technology. It detects changes in the babies motion, sound, temperature, breathing patterns in the night all just by the camera itself. NO NEED FOR A SOCK or pad or anything. The technology it has it mind boggling and my husband will explain it better one day on a live story because he's smarter. 

It provides sleep analytics directly to your phone so you can see patterns your baby is forming making sleep training a breeze. 

It has two way talk so you can play music softly all from your phone and send it to the baby. AND my favorite feature is it has INCREDIBLE night vision that doesn't feel like you're looking at a scene from paranormal activity.

Wyze Baby Monitor

If you want a SUPER and I mean SUPPPPPPER affordable option go with WYZE. Its a smart camera but under $30 and a super amazing option.

We love having this for when we travel home or to friends houses and August needs to nap. It is super easy to setup on any WIFI network and at $30 I don't worry about carrying it around with me and it getting slightly ruined.

It has playback options, video and photo capturing capabilities and keeps up AMAZINGLY with
the higher end models on the market.

Babyletto Kiwi Glider


Well Built

USB portal for late night
nursing sessions.

Everything you could want and more. This chair is so beautiful in person! LOVE LOVE

Breast Friend Pillow

Truly lives up to it's name.
I first saw this when Kim Kardashian used it with Saint and I of course had to have it.

I love it much much more than the boppy and others. It lays FLAT, supports your back better with it's wrap around buckle design and has a small pocket for your phone or bottle if you need it.

They also have an option for twin moms!

Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo baby has tons of different models but I loved this one because baby can be forward facing, towards you, placed on your back and on your side! ALL the options in case you have an indecisive babe.

 Solly Baby Wrap

So beautiful and comfortable for mom and baby.

Solly has so many patterns and options to choose from. Definitely for smaller babies in my opinion but we love loved our time we had together wearing the Solly Wrap.

Wild Bird Sling

August love LOVED his Wildbird sling.

Alex found it so easy to wear too!

They have difference fabric makeup options all varying in thickness and more! 

My baby boy was BIIIIIIG and I feel my body of course will just never be the same. I loved shapewear these last few months but all were wither poking me, riding up or hard to breathe in.  Skims was everyone's favorite aside from just being a Kardashian brand.

I looked into Spanx and Blanqui too but Skims were the favorite because:

1. the material was more comfortable
2. it supported most every body type better


Auden Nursing Bra

I highly recommend this bra for nightitme usage.

It is so easy to pull down and nurse in and feels like you're wearing nothing yet feel supportive and held all together. It comes in a two pack.

Uniqlo Bra

You know I had to include the OG.

You remember? the bra that broke their website?

Got me yelled at by a store employee when he found out my amazing followers were who kept wiping out their inventory and clogging up their phone lines.

It is my everyday bra! I just pull it up to nurse even though it wasn't designed for nusing. Pre//Post baby.

This bra is a must have!

A classic, comfortable everyday nursing bra. 
Hatch makes beautiful clothing.