Men's Gift Guide



 Men's Gift Guide



1. Hot Honey - - this stuff goes on his veggies, pizzas, fish && everything!


2. Canvas Converse - - date night out shoe.


3. Customizable Pillow - - my husbands favorite gift from 2020 was this FLEX pillow

You can CUSTOMIZE it upon receiving it for how soft or firm you like. 

You  l i t e r a l l y  get to custom make a perfect pillow.

This is the company's most POPULAR pillow and on sale for 35% off with code





 4. Black Leather Hoop - - My husband is officially no longer a student and spends his free time dreaming of the day his new office downtown is finished. I saw this new leather hoop in the CB2 store

in University Village in Seattle earlier this year and knew what his BIG gift would be. 

5. Dice Box Deco - - When designing these guides I wanted to find gifts for EVERY man. Be it boyfriend, husband, father in law. And when I tell you EVERY mean I have showed this to got incredibly excited about I knew I was onto something. Excellent gift for game night to look like the real deal.


6. Harry Style's Cologne - - it's not everyday that an anonymous tumblr girl is able to verify for
all of the Harry Styles fan base that THIS in fact is THE cologne Mr. Watermelon Sugar boy himself wears.Is she his stylist? former french fling? mother? We will never know but it HAS been confirmed.


5. Lost + Found Air Tag - -  need I say more. The simple thought of knowing at least 3 major meltdowns being avoided each week because of this simple gadget makes my heart swoon. Slip it into a wallet. 
Onto a briefcase. A piece of luggage or if you're my worried mother in 2008... 
into the glove box of your teenage kids glovebox.

6. Most Popular Sneaker - - my Husbands name is Alex.. so the nicknames were quite limited. He has however compensated and has self proclaimed himself as a "sneaker head". He follows actual shoe instagram accounts and knows all the latest trends and technology. He knows what shoes will be in MONTHS before they do and has never been wrong. These Brandblack sneakers are already MY favorites shoe I own.

7. Countertop Fireplace - - perhaps the gift I am MOST EXCITED ABOUT! I saw a video of this darling countertop fireplace and it was in my cart and on its way before my brain could even compute its memorized credit card pin number. For countertop marshmallows. hand warming at tailgating. 
keep cozy and set the mood during outside barbeques and dinner. 

8. Men's Pro Collagen - - In 2021 my holy grail skincare product has been my Elemis Pro Collagen Cream. It feels like you've dunked your face into ice cold water and depuffs + brightens + and firms you instantly. They've now released a MEN's line formulated for HIS skincare needs which do differ greatly from mine. Most important reason being he stops stealing from me.