two infinity & beyond!




augusts "two infinity and beyond" party!



I swore that I would be a verrrrry low key party planning mom.

 and then I had a kid.


I swore my kids would never eat in the car.

 and then I had a kid.  

I will do my best to share every source of inspiration and links on where to shop! 

But if I miss anything please don't hesitate to let me know.

it truly was the most beautiful day spent with those we loved!

- - everything is linked + sourced at the bottom!


sources for this the party:


the pizza planet pizza boxes are just a print from that same shop
above and placed on white pizza boxes
3 foot balloons were knot + spool in holladay utah and may have just
been my favorite decoration from the evening

the green soldiers hanging in the drive I made using the army men
from Zurchers party supply + coffee filters + fishing wire 

the life size slinky dog was made using this play tunnel 
+ a bit of cardboard and free hand design with kraft paper of slinky!
inspiration from: food flowers and festivities blog.

food display signs I made using blank red note cards

"bo peeps" three sheep drink displays I made using white beverage tubs I got for 
around $7 from Michaels Arts & Crafts + a bit of felt + hot glue + googly eyes + cotton balls

Garage Doors:
I covered the garage doors in blue kraft paper I got from Zurchers!
It cost about $60 dollars worth of paper for all three doors and then hand cut 
the white clouds out of some white paper as well! 

It was quite the undertaking and required alot of patience and tape but
I liked this look so muich better than the premade wrapping paper with cloud design. 
 Lifesize A U G U S T toy blocks:

These were made with 16x16 moving boxes + paper + a cricut machine!

I had a few extra 16x16 boxes and I used these to draw the 
town square from Andys bedroom complete with the sheriffs office + bank!

The wooden yard signs I picked up at Joanns and wrote in Andys
writing so I could map the party and label everything

party favors:

childrens buzz + woody vest tutorial:
I took on the challenge of hand making little felt vests for each and every child. This was QUITE the undertaking given I am not a seamstress. 

I picked up felt from Joann's + with a coupon it made it not too bad!

I disassembled a vest of augusts to help me understand the makings of it and it took trial
and error for a few days until I found a pattern I liked and I got to cutting. 

I knew there wouold be a bit of a variation in ages at the party so I made a handful of vests in different sizes via the length of the vest + width. 

I cut the cow spots from black felt + buzz'z buttons from purple + green and snagged a few packs of sheriffs badges from Zurchers party supply and  weeded out the siver badges so I could have a good pile of all gold 

and voila! 

oik... not voila this took weeks and week each night until 2 am and the help and advice from a lot of friends who helped me button them up at the end and lots of hot glue!

but I was THRILLED with how they turned out!

the children each gook home their own 
"toy moving box"
I got these from kraft boxes from Amazon in the 5x5 by 3x5 size and they were 
absolute p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n size wise
I filled them with a build your own forky kit which all you need is:
- a cellophane bag
- a spork
- googly eyes
- buy a large pack of small play dough and place one in each bag 
- a large popsicle stick
- red pipe cleaner
- - - of course after I individually gathered and purchase these items I found
an entire kit ready to GO on Amazon 

The cookies were baked by the Darling Cynthia Boren in Salt Lake City, Utah - - if you are local she is THE best and  I am happy to DM you her contact information. Just DM me over at @ ihonestlyloved on instagram!

and we sprinkled in a few toy soldiers into each box!

the "pixar balls" I got the grocery store yellow balls
and a few red sharpies and drew on some stars!

was so fun to create!
we took an old large box and a basket full of toys for the boys and girls! The other kids loved taking turns helping everyone take their turn to win their arcade prizes! We had 3 prizes for each kid. 

darling wooden train whistles
dinosaurs from zurchers 
flowersun glasses from amazon
barbies from dollar tree  
a classic little green alien

Mr. Potato Head pin the mustache!
Just a box and some Kraft paper!  


Entertainment & Food

The "Rex Rampage" party blowup was infact a crocodile but no one seemed to notice ;). I paid for this from "Plan it Rentals" in Utah.

I also got the lifesize connect 4 from them!

We grilled hot dogs and on the end of each hot dog I had a slinky head + butt taped to a toothpick! I got the darling idea from All Things with Purpose Blog.

Throughout the party I had the movies playing on any available screen + this playlist playing where I assembled my favorite songs from the movies. 

I made this "Lotso Strawberries Salad" I sortof winged the recipe using:

greens + mozarella clouds I made with a cookie cutter+
strawberries + poppyseed vinagrette + avacado 
 - - - it was so yummy!
Mr. Potato Head Chips and Pizza!
The cakes we purchased from Granite Bakery in Salt Lake City Utah and they did a phenomenal job! I chose the macadamia nut base with the cream cheese frosting
and last - - sheriff woody!!! was a HIT! 
You can book him on instagram or here 
- - he was so affordable and darling with the kids!

it truly was so magical! 
it felt as if Andy's bedroom was life size. 
I couldn't have done it without my friends and family who spent the whole day with me setting all of my crazy crafts + decor up. My darling sister Olivia
for taking all of the photos and my husband who brought me lots of diet coke to keep me away late every night.

I find so juch JOY in creating.. in processes and serving others.  Though my son is only 2 and had no clue what was goign on it was so fun for me to see every guests eyes light up and feel like kids again.

worth. every. second.

If I missed anything please let me know!
You can find more photos + videos over on my instagram!