ok.. whew here we go

second to my everyday getting ready 
routine || which products I use daily


has been my most asked for post

As you all know its been about a few years since I shared my favorite bra.. 
EVER and the response was insane!

together we:

sold out online

sold out a few flagship stores

had the most awkward encounter when an employee found out it was me who caused so much chaos for him and others with so many people calling and trying to track them down ...

 ((Me. the girl at checkout buying 20 bras for friends and family who were unable to get them online)) 

WELL that damn bra just made one thing lead to another and we REPEATED THE ABOVE STEPS
when I posted about my husbands HOLY GRAIL 
church shirt. The one purchase on this account
every. single. husband approved of

I got the worlds FUNNIEST videos//reviews//responses
from all of you and your men and it was an absolute HOOT. 

My closet is 90% Uniqlo! I trust
every item I buy from there. 
They do things RIGHT

quality items. 

so dang affordable.

Before I start let me just add I love love the outer and inner wear most of all at UNIQLO

This company uses top of the line new technology (yes technology) 
with their clothing to make it perform! Cold, warm weather, endurance you name it. 

Whether its wicking heat in the summer or the tech to ock heat in in the winter
my coats and items I've purchased from here are better than any north face, 
patagonia or other winter jacket I've owned.. and at a literal fraction of the cost. 

My husband is a product GURU! He is pickier than I am.. that says a lot. 

He is a man who would rather have 20 reallllly nice things in his closet rather than 100 really average things. 

HIS shirt and HIS coat (we will get to) are two of his most favorite products in his closet. 
He will bear witness.


here are the items I own from UNIQLO that I HONESTLY LOVE

I won't get into this again. 

but all I'll say is... 
there is a reason people love it. 

When I posted this back in  2018 we succesfully:

sold out every west coast store
got yelled a by a total of 3 employees
who were frustrated they couldnt keep them in stock
changed the word one boob at a time. 

Nursing mamas too!! I am most COMFY and confident in this bra.  
If you want it to realllly hold you up. SIZE DOWN if not size TRUE!

I have two sizes.. one to sleep in and one for day time!

2. Airsm Shirts

I wear these as undershirts // workout tops over my sports bra and nighttime shirts

They have that same technology and keep you dry // wick sweat and order
and are SO COMFORTABLE especially for layering you won't feel
like you're stuck in 2007 wearing a shade shirt. 

BEYOND BEAUTIFUL and the technology you have
to try to believe me


I could write an entire post about this. In short:

This is THE the original version. The original version we fell in love with is the DOBBY men's shirt. They only carry this every now and again! 

(( we keep an eye out for it and pray for it's presence in our family nightly prayers ))

it comes and it goes regularly

the other is the EASY CARE NON IRON we love when this isn't available.

These shirts:

STRETCH.. yes stretch. So GOODBYE starchy white church shirts and un comfy collars.

BREATHE.. zero sweating, armpit staining or smell. The material is MADE TO BREATHE. 

My husband says it feels like you're wearing a mesh fitted button up. Best way to describe it

and last... YOU. DON'T. NEED. TO. IRON

Just hang these babies up right after washing them and you are GOOD TO GO 
for work in the AM

My lulu align are my holy grail.. but these
are immediately in second place. For $20.. yes $20 you get the worlds most durable.. pretty.. BOLD colored ((as in wont fade with washing... at all))
 TIGHT leggings. 

I've had my same pair for 2 years and they look.. BRAND NEW

** currently OOS but I will keep you posted **

When I got into the last few weeks of my pregnancy I could not breattttthe in my garments (( for you non LDS women pay ye no mind)). I grabbed these and it was my favorite thing I bought while pregnant. 
I still wore them for weeeeeks after having my baby. They button everything up.. feel sooo comfy on a growing and healing belly I boughta few extra pairs just to HAVE for next time in case they ever go away.. 

honestly.. 10/10 product. I don't ever say that lightly 

side note:: I also really love the maternity leggings for AT HOME USE! 
Reason being.. well one they're beyond comfy but don't hold you in toooo well and are a tiny bit see through if you wear and wash them daily like I did. 

They seriously were washed everyday but 

still intact and bright and beautiful

My husband is BY FAR more picky than I am.
He has to have the best of the best fabrics and matierals
or he is wildly uncomfortable. 

Anything AIRSM he loves and this





AND just like the holy grail of bra's for women


that is the end

for now. 

I will update this as products cycle but there is my UNIQLO holy grail breakdown. 
I love this company more than any I shop. 

NEVER disappointed.

oh.. and they have a partnership with disney
so you bet august has an entire disney wardrobe 
dating now through age 5T of items over the years that I couldn't pass up.