i believe

if you know me you know my faith is without
 a doubt THE most important thing to me

what sort of got me into this crazy world of social media was a blog 
my mom//sister//cousin all created for me
while I was on my mission!

I served in berlin germany PRE age change
(an OG dinosaur sister 
as so many like to refer to us)

and while on my my mission during 
my very first transfer in the field
the dear dear announcement was made that sisters could serve at 19!!

annnnnnnnd I said my very 
first swear word in the field

haha leave it to me to wait till 21 
and have it snap crackle and pop my 
bubble right when I get out there

in hindsight there is no WAY I was prepared at 
19 and absolutely went when I needed to 


with this new age change came 
sooo many questions from
friends // neighbors // family //
 strangers about life as a sister missionary

when I went out the pamphlet provided 
was THE furthest thing from helpful. 

the photos they had as reference points for sister missionaries mimicked mrs. doubtfire and had 2/3 pages of tips//info 
as opposed to pamphlets I saw 
elders getting large BOOKLETS

so I typed up a quick list
 and emailed it home of 

"things I wish I would've known 
before serving a mission"

and my mom copied and pasted it 
onto my little family blog she ran for me

and honestly overnight that post went viral
 and before I knew it
I was getting packages and letters from strangers from AROUND THE WORLD
who found my post and in some way it inspired them or helped them.

to this day I sort through emails every week
 of new sisters who
upon deciding to serve have found my blog
 and benefited in some way by it!

I am THE worst blogger 
and do try to keep it up but 
seeing the GOOD social media can
 do really touched my heart. 

I've loved being apart of conversions, baptisms, missionary call openings and hearing amazing stories from thousands of sisters.

a feeling that only a missionary can really describeits like no other! 
and for that reason I am so thankful for this 
little corner of the internet for allowing me to continue to do a work I am so passionate about. 

for every post I do I get a big handful
 of hate mail BUT an even bigger 
outpouring of support and love.

 I'll never stop sharing my beliefs
on every platform of social media I run! 
business included. 

because I believe once 
you are called to the work

you are called to the work