black friday

as promised here are the very few things
I am putting on my christmas list this year

// slash //

buying myself and wrapping for alex
to save him the time and hassle because
let's be honest I just get stuff done

these are products I

1. tried
2. researched
3. vetted
4. trust
5. researched further
6. will be purchasing


I’m not a deal blogger
amazon finder
code dealing gal

I’m a vv normal person
with a BUDGET and a small
few things I have been wanting to 
Get for myself. 

I really wanted to show you an
Honest Black Friday. Some of these
things still are splurges but I’ve saved up for them and planned for!

Anytime I even remotely PAN my bedroom and people
see this I get a bunch of DM's asking for info about it!
I posted about it last year sometime but am bring it back
up top because it is BACK AT ANTHRO!! 

I use this for my lipsticks and sometimes even
my flat bottom makeup brushed! I love a clean organized counter

I saw this last year AFTER christmas and it truly
ruined my entire year knowing I would have to wait until
this year to purchase it because #budget I was so relieved 
to see it was back again at Target

Alex and I have been married for 5 years.. and had
the same one rug in our home. Whatever room is coldest.. 
we draaaaaaag the rug into. WELL my favorite rug company
a friend introduced me to is having a sale and I have a few picked

out (few because we now have a child who deserves equal rug privileges) 

I'd liken this most similarly to CHANEL's mascara which I loveeee
but don't always have the extra cash equivalent to a down payment
for a car on hand with me at Nordstrom. THIS STUFF IS just as good. 
Been waiting for BLKFRIDAY to grab another

XXL phone cable should be enough for you to click BUY
but the whole braided feature (no fraying) should be another...
oh and a leather clip to help wrap it up and keep it tight. 

This was introduced to me by my sister and I've had mine
for a year.. no problems.. no shortening nothing! 
I even added it to my hospital bag MUST HAVE LIST for
helping stretch from across the room to your hospital bed. 
Grabbing another for our living room this year

Have you ever seen me in a hat?

no. no you have not

YES!!! SO I AM. I am so nervous
I sat back and I watched.. I watched and watched
as GIGIPIP took off. Then I became friends with the owner
who asked me WHY THE H I'd never tried a hat
and she convinced me to try one. So my shipment
is on it's way #notanad and I am now the owner
of a hat. STAY TUNED. 

Every. One. Of. My. Friends. who own
a hat from this company RAVE about them. 

NEWER SCREEN.. bigger. better
with upgraded features like speaker and screen quality
and a camera for google hangouts! I use this
as my baby monitor! It looks so sleek in my kitchen 
and living room. Amazon//Best Buy should
have the best deals on this.

A few day ago I posted about my like//dislike with
candles and my DM's BLEW up asking for more details

in short:

1. too fragrant of candles give me a headache 
2. everytime you burn a candle and blow it out did you
know that that little colored smoke//soot you blow
away lands on your walls//furniture and gradually
(((VERRRY SLOWLY)) adds buildup and stains?

I saw a friend once magic erase her walls in her reading
den where she worked//lit candles all day and it was like 
grey drippppping from the walls

so if you're someone like me who loves 
all beige everything and or are sensitive to smells


I am diving into this new world of oils and my
first stop was a diffuser. I studied these out for the
last 3 months and I keep landing on and coming back 
to the VITRUVI diffuser. Comes in Black//Stone and Terracotta colored (new)
as well! I can't wait to try #alsonotanad #noneoftheseare

August received this little animal when he was born
and we LOVEEED it. So unique and petite but we lost it
at the airport! We tracked it down through many shops but I fell 
in love with this one! They have this and other animals
from the same brand all going on sale this week. 


My favorite german tradition is the tradition
of the advent calendar. AND HOW CUTE IS THIS VILLAGE. 
I own about 5 advent calendars now.. only thing I really collect
for christmas and this is my new and absolute favorite. 

I purchased two of these last christmas and DID NOT BURN THEM
out of fear Anthro would never sell them again because they
were so beautiful and I was worried theyd be gone forever. 

WELL THEYRE BACK so I plan to buy 3 more so I can
maybe burn.... one of them. 

They make for the prettiest mantle/shelf decor year round.

12. Cariloha... Everything

I'm not going to get into this. 

You've seen my 1920481209's of stories

You've seen the friends and family I've turned
from it.. so if you haven't already

buy a freaking mattress or sheets

and wants you to too. 

yup. ellen. 

gave mattresses away for her 12 days of christmas this year .


I was told over 110 + of you took my word on this and counting. 

the fact that you trust me with a $1,200+ order just blows me away

i love you guys

I don't yet own this but I threw out the garbage disposal
who's place its gonna take! Best bang for you buck for a beautiful
clear mini drink fridge. Until I can get a standard FULL SIZE fridge
one day in my next home JUST FOR DRINKS this mini beauty
will do! I am so excited

August wont be able to stand for quite some time
but in between now and next black friday he will be!

As you all know I love the Montessori approach to parenting. 
While serving in Germany I was introduced to these in nearly
every home. They are "learning towers" where your littles can
crawl inside on their own and stand at counter length to 

help you with dishes

help you cook

or even eat meals if they are squirmy and don't like
to sit but don't want to cause contention at the dinner

Sadly many of these towers are big and bulky
and... not that cute.. but I am so excited about this
neutral slim one I found. It's in my Amazon cart all ready to go!


This has been on my bucket list.. for forever now. 

I am still saving up for the BIG molekule but they JUST RELEASED
a mini version and all I had to do was rush into my room
with my laptop screaming for my husband to see my joy ((affordable joy)) 
before he agreed we can get THIS ONE! BLACK FRIDAY code 
should be online soon! I can't wait to keep you posted


just a girl extremely allergic to dustmites who needs a break

welp! thats it!

I am sorry if you were hoping for hundreds of things. 

I am just a normal gal. 
with a normal budget
and normal sized christmas list

who is sharing what I am ACTUALLY buying

no swipe up's
no comission
no giveaways

just a little black friday and then
back to my family and celebrating
my favorite season and what matters most
outside of this little app.